The 4 album, 36 song set Redemption Center is available on line at the link below, or magically encoded onto little discs that can be purchased at shows, or via mail. Hope to get a batch to Amazon soon. It is also streamable on Spotify and the other usual suspects. Please enjoy the new tunes - and feel free to email me directly here with any thoughts, complaints, words of encouragement, jokes, rambling anecdotes, tweets in novel form, gig offers, screenplay ideas, or just to say, "Hi." Stream or download (I suggest the latter for better fidelity, but I know how you kids are.) by clicking the Bandcamp button below. As usual, payment amount is optional and $0.00 is an acceptable amount. :) I am at work on a a MUCH shorter follow up, which will contain Redemption Center, the song. There is a potential video in the works. -Phil