Miss me?   Hope you are all well and hanging in there.  I cannot wait to get back out playing music for you all.  Meanwhile, I am focused on the recording end of things, with, as usual, multiple projects in various stages of completion.  The follow up to Redemption Center, a full length Phil Aiken release is near fruition. I created a couple of videos to the first 2 finished mixes, which were meant to be temporary at the time, but I will likely post them here.  Details to follow.

Additionally I've been hard at work on two other projects that will not bear my name.  Both interesting in that they stemmed from Tribute shows I was involved in, that were so much fun that I cranked out a couple albums worth of songs for the respective bands to record. Neither of them sound like a complete homage to the bands in question (Pink Floyd and Mott the Hoople) but use them as stylistic jumping off points. More to come here as well. And soon.

Lastly, I've contributed to a number of recordings by mail, one of which turned into an actual band called Mr. Galaxy - an all instrumental Space-Surf-Rock combo. Neat stuff!!!!  As always, the best way to purchase or stream music is at the Bandcamp link below, as they are the most artist friendly site. But all the usual retail and streaming outlets, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and so on are available to you as well.

Keep fighting the good fight  -Phil